Overview of Khoros Flow APIs

Learn about the various types of Khoros Flow API.

About Khoros Flow

With Khoros Flow, you can develop chatbots in our chatbot development platform and integrate them with other channels.

Khoros Flow provides the following APIs:

  • Flow Socket API
  • Flow REST API
  • Flow Management API

Flow Socket API

The Flow socket API is a messaging API that permits you to send and receive a message from Flow using web sockets.

The Flow socket API is recommended for users who mostly deal with the chatbot. For example, you can create a custom web-chat widget using Flow socket API to integrate flow in a client-facing application.

With the Flow socket API, you can:

  • Send a message to Khoros Flow and receive it back using web sockets.
  • Create a custom client integration like your own web-chat widget or mobile application.

For use-cases that connect with client interfaces, like mobile apps and websites, you must use the Flow Socket API.

Learn more about the Flow SOCKET API.


The Flow REST API is specifically intended for developers that want to use the Khoros Flow platform within their own technology stack to automate messaging (e.g., chatbots)

Some example use-cases are:

  • Automating a customer experience solution
  • Integrating with a custom backend service or CRM
  • Other server-side integrations

With the Flow REST API, you can:

  • Create a thread
  • Trigger an event in asynchronous mode
  • Retrieve the history of events
  • Send a message
  • Retrieve the message history
  • Handover and resolve action
  • Broadcast a message to multiple customers
  • Manage Broadcast
  • Trigger a campaign

Learn more about the Flow REST API.

Flow Management API

The management API is used to manage Flow projects. Currently, we only support one endpoint for loading an overview of flows in a specific project.

Learn more about the Flow Management API.