Triggers: Public Mention

This trigger enables brands to automatically trigger chatbot responses on both Facebook and Instagram when users mention the brand in public posts. It complements the existing functionality that allows for automatic responses to story mentions and replies. Brands can maintain a consistent and immediate presence on both platforms, fostering better engagement and interaction with their audience through direct messages as well.

How it works

Detection of Mentions:

The system detects when a user mentions the brand in a public Facebook or Instagram post by identifying the brand’s handle in the post caption or comments.

Trigger Chatbot Response:

  1. You can design your responses for a Mention Trigger just like for any other trigger

Customizable Responses:

  1. Brands can customize responses based on specific keywords, the sentiment of the mention, or the context.
  2. Different responses can be set for various scenarios, such as positive mentions, queries, or complaints.

Example Scenarios

Scenario 1: Influencer Mention

An influencer mentions the brand in a public Facebook or Instagram post. The system detects the mention and triggers a chatbot response that thanks the influencer and offers a discount code for their followers.

Scenario 2: Customer Query

A user mentions the brand in a comment asking about product availability on Facebook or Instagram. The system detects the query and triggers a chatbot response providing information about product availability and a link to the brand’s website.