Display content and a button that triggers an event
You can use Markdown within the content to format text.

const url = await webview.terms.create({
  ref: 'terms',
  onSelect: {
    eventName: 'ACCEPTED'
  title: 'Accept our terms of usage',
  tint: '#000',
  content: `
    # Title

    A simple paragraph with text

    ## Heading 2

    - List item 1
    - List item 2
    - List item 3


refstringnews-articleIf provided, the webview will update its content
tintstring#FF0000Tint color used for the button
titlestringSelect productDescriptive titles are shown at the topYes
onSelect.eventNamestringACCEPTEDEvent name to trigger when terms are acceptedYes
contentstringLorem ipsum dolor...Markdown supported contentYes
button.labelstringI agree and acceptLabel of the confirmation button.