Flow Designs: Implement WhatsApp Click to Chat Links option

WhatsApp's Wa.me or Click to Chat links enable you to start a chat by clicking on a link. That link opens the user's WhatsApp application and enables the user to send a message to a number even when that number is not saved in the address book.
A second feature is that text can be incorporated within these links allowing the user to send text by just clicking the link. This works great to guide users and trigger the flows of your chatbot.

How it works

Let's say you have the following phone number attached to your bot +31 6 33567993. To create a wa.me link that opens WhatsApp and enables the user to send a message, your link should be:


To incorporate text:


Or when using multiple words:


Make sure that the text will trigger a flow in your chatbot design by using text triggers within your design.