Training Assistance for Unknown Suggestion

Intents help to classify the user utterance. Whenever a user utterance matches the confidence threshold of an existing intent, it triggers that intent. However, if the user utterance does not match with any of the existing intent with the required confidence, it triggers the Unknown. If it matched with the Unknown, it will add the user utterance to the suggested training examples for intents that are similar to it.

Flow designers can add additional training examples to the intents.

You can choose to add or remove these training data to the intent. These training examples further help to improve the NLP and overall performance of the bot.

To know more about Flow Intents, see Natural Language Processing.

Before you begin, ensure that you enable the following settings for the flow:

  • Select the applicable flow.
  • Click on the settings and click on the Languages from the menu.
  • Check the Enable Training Assistance option.

Add unknown examples to the Unknown

  1. Create a Flow with an Unknown trigger.
  2. Add a reply text for unknown user inputs.
  3. Click on the Intent tab from the left-side panel.
  4. Open the unknown System Intent.
  5. Click Add Examples to add the unknown suggestions.

You can view the user utterance examples that matched the intents below the threshold for the last 30 days only.

In case the same example is matched with two different intents, you can select to add the training example only to one of the intent.