Flow Concepts

Getting started with Flow means understanding some essential concepts that are used throughout the platform.

Flow Basic Concepts

To work with Flow, you need to understand the following basic concepts:

For more information, you can view the onboarding video course.

Flow Advanced Concepts

To create a flow, you need to understand the following advanced concepts:


To make your project easier to manage, you can organize your flows into Groups.

Flow conversational design

Design and build conversational apps faster. Flow provides the complete solution for designing conversational user interfaces. Flow helps you create any type of automation on any type of messaging or voice channel.

Build a chatbot

Easily start building a chatbot or AI assistant. Design flows by dragging and dropping triggers and reply actions.

Make it dynamic

Make requests to your backend using code actions and webhook actions. Manage state to customize the experience.


We provide a wide range of the most popular messaging apps you can connect your app with.

Add integrations

Add integrations to connect third-party services for handoff or for bot analytics.

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Structure of the Flow
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Send text versus trigger event
Duplicate the flows
Go to the middle of a flow