Flow integrates with MessageMedia to automate SMS messaging.


What you need

You must have an existing MessageMedia account and a phone number.


Following the steps below, you can receive SMS messages and send replies using MessageMedia.

Step 1. Generate an API Key

  1. Sign in to the MessageMedia dashboard.
  2. Open the API settings within the Configuration section.

  1. Create a new API key by clicking on the Create new key button.
  2. Choose a name for the key, for example, "Flow" and press Create key.

  1. Record the API secret and API key in a safe place. You will need these later.

Step 2. Add the integration

  1. Sign in to the Flow dashboard.
  2. Open the integration section.
  3. Click + and click the "SMS" tab and click on the MessageMedia integration.
  4. Copy and paste the generated API key and API secret into the corresponding fields.

  1. Add the phone number you will be using with MessageMedia and press the Save button.
  2. Next copy the webhook URL from the bottom field.

Step 3. Configure the webhook url

  1. Go back to MessageMedia and open to the Webhooks screen.
  2. Create a new webhook by pressing the New webhook button.

  1. Paste the webhook URL you copied from Flow.

  1. Open the Events dropdown and select the SMS option and click _Save Webhook.

You can now send, receive and automate SMS messages using Flow.