Code-based Actions: Use QR codes for AI chatbots

A QR (Quick Response) code is a scannable barcode in the form of a matrix. Almost any phone can now scan a QR code without any additional app installments. That opens up a lot of new ways to automate interactions by using AI bots on different channels like Web, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Advantages of Chatbots and QR codes

Bots allow you to automate customer interaction on different channels and different languages. The automation adds value by saving your business time, and for consumers by answering questions immediately, especially during the onboarding.

You can use QR codes to get more customers to interact with your bot. You can create a QR code and place it in offline items such as invites, posters, tables, and more. As it’s very likely that your consumer has their mobile phone with them, they can scan that QR code and directly interact with the chatbot to answer a question or to join a promotion.

How to create QR codes for your chatbot on Web, Messenger, and WhatsApp

QR code represents a URL that internally redirects customers to Web, Messenger, and WhatsApp. There are several tools that allow you to convert a URL into a QR code. In this example, we are using You can paste your destination URL and it will generate your QR code.

QR code for Web

To create a QR code that opens a web URL, paste your destination or target URL into QR Code Generator. You can download the QR code in the preferred format. If you are generating a QR code for a bot that serves as a lead generator, it is recommended that you add unique tags in the URL to measure conversion rates.

QR code for Facebook Messenger

To create a QR code for your Facebook Messenger bot, the process is similar to that of a web QR code. We need to convert our target URL into a QR code by using a tool like QR Code Generator. The advantage of using Facebook Messenger is that you can create a link that triggers a specific event within a flow. In that case, your URL will be something like:

Read more about Facebook links in How to use Facebook Messenger links.

QR code for WhatsApp

Creating a QR code for WhatsApp is quite similar to the links. The only difference is that the URL can set a pre-defined text within WhatsApp. The user only has to hit the Enter button. In that case, you cannot trigger an event directly from the link however, you add text that would trigger the applicable flow

To create a link for What you can use WhatsApp click to chat links:

Boost conversion

With QR codes your users can easily connect with you as a brand. With less friction in the process, this will boost conversion rates and onboarding numbers.