Khoros Flow Handoff and fallback

Flow allows you to create multiple fallback scenarios for when the NLP engine fails to understand a message.

The Unknown Trigger

For creating fallback scenarios we provide a special trigger called Unknown. Whenever the system receives a trigger it cannot match, it will search for an Unknown trigger.

Handing over to humans

If you want to hand over a conversation to a human agent, you can do this by using the Takeover Action in Cloud Code.

Auto Pause

When a human agent sends a message using the messaging application the NLP engine is paused automatically. You can set the number of minutes before the bot is activated again using the project settings. The NLP engine also automatically pauses when there are messages sent by moderators on channels like Facebook Messenger. For example: when an employee uses Facebook for a business application to send replies.

Example Scenarios

  • Standalone AI Assistants
  • Add a new flow
  • Start with the trigger Unknown
  • Add a Text reply with the message: "Sorry I don't know about that yet"

Customer service

To add the Takeover action:

  • Create a new flow
  • Start with the Unknown trigger.
  • Add a Text reply with the message: Thank you, one of our service operators will be here shortly.
  • Drag and drop the Takeover action.
  • Drag and drop an action with the Pause bot

Customer service, double tap

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