Flow Designs: Increase web widget engagement

This guide focuses on how to get more people into your Chatbot funnel. We’ll show you 4 different ways to increase engagement.

To get the most out of your chatbot, it is important to get as many people to interact with the bot so and optimize the conversation. Optimizing the conversation is all about personalization, context, and design. Read more in our article about creating bot context.

The more users who interact with your conversational experience means even more value for you and for your customers. Four ways to drive engagement include:

  1. Embed in website
  2. Increase button size
  3. Add proactive messages
  4. Auto-open & Trigger

Embed in website

Embedding your chatbot on your website can convert your static page into a conversational website and will increase engagement with your bot. Read more in our Web Widget.

Increase button size

A simple but effective way to increase the number of interactions is by increasing the chatbot button size. This can easily double the number of interactions.

Add proactive messages

Proactive messages allow you to share information without opening the chat widget. It is often used to let users know that help is available via the Web Widget.

Auto-open & Trigger

With the Auto-open feature, the Widget opens automatically when it’s loaded. Combine it with Triggering an open event within your Flow Design.