Code-based Actions: Add a Web Widget to WordPress

You can add your bot to the WordPress website. Deploy your Flow bot on your website by using the Flow web widget.

There a several ways to add your chatbot to your Wordpress site. In this example, we are using a plugin and you will need the following:

  • A Flow bot.
  • Admin access to your Wordpress Site.
  • Plugin "Header and Footer Scripts".

Copy your Web Widget script

The next step is to copy the script that represents your bot.

  • Open the Flow dashboard.
  • Go to Integrations > Web Widget.
  • Copy script to clipboard.

Add script to Plugin

You can paste your script to your Wordpress site:

  • Access the Header and Footer Scripts plugin.
  • Paste your script to the head or footer section.
  • Click Save.


Tip: Add the script to the footer to load the page faster and load the Web Widget.