Dialogflow CX Integration

Google’s Dialogflow CX can be integrated with Khoros Flow. Although Flow has a built-in intent classification mechanism, Dialogflow provides a broad scope for intent classification and supports the conversational design and triggering flows from the Flow dashboard.

You can connect your Dialogflow CX bot to work with Khoros Flow projects. This reduces the time for bot development by enabling the developers to quickly understand, review, edit, and share the flow across the organization.


  • Create an agent and copy the agent name from your Dialogflow dashboard.
  • Download the JSON-type authentication Key from your Google Cloud Service Account.
  • Create a pre-defined flow in Dialogflow.

For example, create a flow for the agent to respond to the customer’s inquiry regarding business hours.

Integrate Dialogflow

To create a Dialogflow project:

  1. Create a new flow project with the Dialogflow CX template.
  2. Upload the service account key file from the Dialogflow.
  3. Enter the project name in the Name field.
  4. Enter the copied agent name in the Agent ID field.
  5. Copy the Environment ID from the Dialogflow dashboard and paste it into the Environment ID field.
    You can get the environment ID from Dialogflow Agent > Manage > Environment.


    If you do not provide the Environment ID, a draft project is created by default.

  6. Choose the location of the Dialogflow agent from the Location drop-down menu.
  7. Click CREATE.

You review and update the above settings information in the Khoros Flow Configuration window.

Using the Khoros Flow, you can integrate multiple social channels in the Dialogflow project.

You can test the flow from Dialogflow as well as Khoros Flow:

Triggering Flow

To trigger a flow bot, copy the Flow Immutable ID from your Flow dashboard and paste it into the Dialogflow CX custom payload with the following:

  "flowImmuntableId":  "flowImmutableId"

Supported Triggers and Replies

You can also create a flow with the Dialogflow CX connected to the Khoros flow with the triggers and replies:

  • Trigger Event- To create events for the customers or agents to interact with. You need to configure the event names in their Dialogflow CX flows.
    Create a custom payload with the following:
      "event": <event-name-in-double-quotes>


Note: An event with the same name should be created in Khoros Flow.

  • Replies - Replies are supported based on the channels integrated with Khoros Flow.