Flow Designs: Accept payments via your chatbot

Flow enables you to do much more than simple bots. Automating simple Q&As is valuable, but there is much more value than you can get from your bot. For example, you can integrate payments with your chatbot, which could increase sales.

Request a payment

Allow your bot you take payments within your conversational interface. Think about a user that identified a product or service to buy within Messenger, Web, or WhatsApp. Prevent a channel switch and handle payments within the users’ preferred channel.

Your bot is able to do payment request while specifying the currency, amount to be paid, and a link is automatically created that will take your customer to a secure payment portal to complete the transaction.

Receive a payment

Once payment has been completed, an action is triggered and your conversational experiences continue. Confirm that the payments have been completed can be done through that same channel or send an e-mail as confirmation. It all depends on your processes.


Payments are processed using the Stripe payment engine, you don't have to handle payments yourself. When the moment of payment is there, Stripe processes the payment and waits for payment confirmation. This ‘stand-off’ approach means you don’t have to worry about PCI compliance (Payment card industry data security standard).

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