Reply Actions: Tag

You can apply or remove tags within a flow. Tags can be used to measure flow conversion or build segments of contacts.

Conditions and Code Actions also support tags.

All tag operations are recorded in the 'user.tagsHistory' list accessible in Code actions. The following tag operations are recorded:

  • Adding tag
  • Removing tag
  • Updating existing tag with a new value


Note:tagsHistory list only includes 200 most recent items which means that if your bot has more than 200 tags, a user you will not see oldest history. This does not affect the amount of tags single user can have, they are not limited which means you can attach as many tags as you need, however tagsHistory will only display 200 latest items.

Adding tag

You can add new tags and specify both a name and a value. If a tag with the same name but a different value is added, it will overwrite the existing tag with the same name.

Removing tags

You can remove one or multiple tags within a flow.