Flow Designs: Use Facebook Messenger's m.me link in your chatbot

Use Facebook's m.me link to boost your brand. Facebook Messenger's m.me links are links that enable you to directly start a conversation through Messenger. When a user clicks a link, a chat window opens within messenger. These links even allow you to trigger a specific event from your Flow design. These m.me links allows you to boost conversion and works on smartphones as well desktops.

Messenger's m.me links all have a similar format where PAGE_NAME is the Facebook page the bot is linked to. Let's take Flow as an example:



Additionally, we can trigger an event that is designed in your Flow project:



Make sure to enable a getting started button from your messenger integration settings in Flow.

These m.me links are great for redirecting to a specific event or flow in your design. Also you will receive some data of the user. This allows you to:

  • Create personal experiences
  • Boost conversion

Consider a scenario where you have a Facebook Ad running to preorder your newest products. The current call to action is to visit your home page or a specific landing page. Now what if they could preorder your product within messenger without entering all their contact details on that website. By using a conversational preorder process in messenger, you can already fill in data that you have from their profile, reducing the steps to preorder your product. The easier and faster your process, the higher your sales conversion could be.