Flow Designs: Clear the Web Widget

The Flow Web Widget has been built in a way to keep its context. As such, customers who return to your website can easily continue their conversation with your bot. This creates a great customer experience, but when testing, you might want clear the widget. You can, of course, use the Try it out but that design is a bit different from your actual Web Widget design.
Let's look into different options that you have to clear the Web Widget. The first three can help you out for testing purposes. The fourth one shows you how to change the standard behavior of the bot.

  1. Incognito Tab
    Copy the URL of your Web Widget and past it in an incognito tab in your browser. The Widget will not recognize that it's you again and will start the conversation from scratch.

  2. Clear button
    Use the reset button within the Web Widget. You can enable and disable this within the Customize section of the corresponding Web Widget.

  3. Reset Trigger

Build a reset within your Flow design. Your chat conversation will not be deleted but it resets all the parameters so that you can start all over.

  1. Session Storage

By default the widget stores messages across browser sessions. By setting flowai_webclient_storage to session you can change this behavior. When set to session all messages are removed when a user closes the web browser. See our Web Widget for reference.