Khoros Flow Analytics: Chatbase

Chatbase is a cloud service that offers products for analyzing, and optimizing conversational experiences.

Following the steps below, you can integrate the Chatbase service with the Flow platform.

Pre-Installation Requirements

You must have a working account.

API Key Generation

Go to the section:

On the Bots page, click the + next to "Add a bot" to enter your bot information:

Fill in all the necessary information about your bot (marked *):

  • Botname
  • Country / Region
  • Business case
  • Industry

Click Report the Paths for Sites and click Continue.

Сopy the generated API Key into the clipboard and click Continue.

You can invite your coworkers by filling below fields and pressing the "INVITE" button, or just press the "SKIP" button:

Your Chatbase Bot has been created.

Flow Configuration

Select the project to which you want to connect Chatbase from the drop-down menu in the top-left corner on the window.

Go to Channels and click +:

Go to the Analytics section inside the opened Popup and select the Chatbase option:

Paste the copied data to the "API Key" field and click Save:

Your Chatbase Bot successfully integrated with the Flow platform.