Brand Messenger Integration

Brand Messenger is a seamless messaging solution owned by the brand to securely communicate with its customers across social, web, and mobile applications. Brand Messenger supports three customer entry points: social media, modern chat, and native mobile Apps. Brand Messenger supports asynchronous communication, the chat session remains open until the conversation is closed by an agent in Khoros Care.

Flow now extends its support to the Brand Messenger for receiving and sending messages to the customers. Using the Automation Manager in the Khoros Care Admin tab, you can enable, select, and edit bots for inquiries through the Brand Messenger.

A bot can reply with buttons, quick replies, and cards by dragging replies into your Flow canvas.

Integrating Brand Messenger in Flow

  1. In a Flow project, click Integrations.
  2. Click the + option.
  3. In the ADD NEW drop-down menu, click INTEGRATION.
  4. In the Messaging window, click Customer Service.
  5. Click Khoros.
  6. In the Channel drop-down menu, select Brand Messenger v2.
  7. Enter the External ID for Brand Messenger.
    Note: You can access the above details in the Khoros Care Config window.
  8. Click SAVE.

After integrating the Brand Messenger for the Flow project you can create a Flow to respond to inbound customer inquiries.

Brand Messenger using Automation Manager

  1. In Khoros Care Admin, click Automation Manager.
  2. Click Add Automation.
  3. Select Type Flow.
  4. For the Source field, select Brand Messenger.
  5. In the Flow Project drop-down menu, select the applicable project.
  6. Enter the automation details.
  7. Click Save.

Opening Event for Brand Messenger

For the Brand Messenger users, you can create an opening event that enables the conversational designers in Flow to easily set up a welcome message or trigger an activity for the users to interact with. The conversational designers can select an opening event from the Flow integration settings.

Without the opening event, the customers may have to use workarounds depending on the situation. Thus, an opening event can increase customer experience right from the start of the conversation.

To set up an opening event for the Flow:

  1. In the Flow project, create a flow based on your business use case.
  2. Click SAVE.
  3. Click Integrations from the left panel.
  4. In the Integration section, click ADVANCED.
  5. Scroll down and select the TRIGGER EVENT checkbox.
  6. From the Event drop-down list, select your applicable event for the flow.
    Note: You can easily turn off the opening event for a Flow by deselecting the TRIGGER EVENT checkbox.
  7. Click SAVE.

Test your flow in Brand Messenger.

Webviews Reply

In addition to the triggers and replies supported by any other messengers, Brand Messenger V2 in Flow is implemented with Webview reply options. You can respond to customer inquiries with a Webview for them to access the information with the bot.

To add a Webview Reply to your flow:

  1. In the flow, click BRAND MESSENGER V2.
  2. Drag and drop the Webviews reply in the canvas.
  3. Enter the Webview name in the Label field.
  4. Enter the Webview URL in the URL field.


    If you want to trigger an event or flow for the Webviews, select the Trigger.

  5. Click SAVE.

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