Replies: Text

A basic form of reply that translates into spoken word or text bubbles, depending on the channel.

String Templates

String templates are variables that can be used within Any text trigger. They can be used also in text replies, titles and subtitles of a card and in button labels. For example:

Param selection

Multiple params render as a list within string templates. You can select the elements that will be rendered. For example to access the last element of the list use param.last.match:

First element of the list can be accessed by param.first.match or param.0.match. It also works with value: param.first.value, param.last.value, param.any_digit.value.

Within text replies you can use variables that are matched by the AI.

If you trained the AI to match entities they can be used with a template syntax. For example if you trained the AI with a entity called country, you will be able use it like so:

I am going to check the weather for {{country}}
This would result in a response like:

I am going to check the weather for France
Entity matches could be fuzzy and by default templates print the value of a matched parameter.

You can also access the match by using {{param.match}}

Text variants

It's also possible to send different replies to make your dialog less repetitive