Khoros Flow Triggers

A flow always launches from a single trigger. The trigger could be text or another type of event, like sharing a location. Flow features a state-of-the-art NLP engine that can train or be trained to understand different types of user input within the context of a conversation.

In the above example, you see a text trigger that is matched when a user sends Hi.

Triggers do not have to be user-initiated. For example, simply opening a webpage or a scheduling service could trigger an event that sends a message.

Adding triggers

To add a trigger, just drag and drop it on the design canvas.

Types of triggers:

The following can be used to trigger a flow:

  1. Text trigger

  2. Any Text trigger

  3. Event trigger

  4. Unknown trigger

  5. Media trigger

  6. Location trigger

  7. Timer trigger

Flow supports different triggers, including timers and any text that is used for more advanced use cases.

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