Create additional information for the Flow AI engine.

Along with every message you can send additional metadata. Some of this metadata is also used by the AI engine to determine the response.

languageLanguage code (ISO) of the message, not the userstring
timezoneTimezone of the message (where it was sent). Number of hours from UTCnumber
paramsBag of parameters to use within the AIparams object
  "type": "message.send",
  "payload": {
    "threadId": "EXAMPLE327348ed3bd1439e7b",
    "speech": "I want to book a flight between Amsterdam and Toronto",
    "originator": {
      "name": "John Doe",
      "role": "external"
    "metadata": {
      "language": "en-US",
      "timezone": -6,
      "params": {
        "seats": [{
          "value": "Business class"

Params object

The params object resembles the matched result created by the AI engine using entity classification. Each param itself is a list of [{ value }] objects.

  "passengerCount": [{
    "value": "2"

  "food": [{
    "value": "food-item-22332",
    "match": "Pizza Hawaii"
  }, {
    "value": "food-item-44525",
    "match": "Pizza Calzone"