Bot API v3

An overview of Bot API v3 used with the Automation Framework for bot integration

The Khoros Care Automation Framework and Bot API v3 is your bot integration path for channels supported by Khoros's engagement platform (the underlying technology of Khoros Care and Messaging). You may use the same bot across multiple source channels or use separate bots for different channels. The Framework currently allows a single bot per source network/page.

Bot API v3 supports:

  • Bot registration
  • General bot functions like responding to a message and passing conversation control
  • Changes to the bot operating mode
  • Bot health checks
  • JWT token refresh and invalidation


Bot API v3 endpoints use JWT authentication.

API Gateway

The Bot v3 API uses a different API URL than the v2 APIs. Use one of the following API gateways:

  • US -
  • EMEA -
  • APAC -



All development environments use the US gateway.

Bot registration

POST /bots/v3/registrations

Register a bot.
PUT /bots/v3/registrations

Register or update a bot.
GET /bots/v3/registrations/network/networkKey/externalId/externalId

Get all bot registrations on Khoros Care for a bot for a given network and external bot ID.
GET /bots/v3/registrations/network/networkKey/externalId/externalId/appId/appId
Get information about an existing registration on Khoros Care.
DELETE /bots/v3/registrations/network/networkKey/externalId/externalId/appId/appId
Delete a bot registration.

General bot functions

POST /bots/v3/respond
Send a response.
GET /bots/v3/control/network/networkKey/externalId/externalId/author/authorId
Get current conversation control
GET /bots/v3/request/requestId
Get a specific request record
GET /bots/v3/request/appId/appId}
Get all request records according to the given path and time range in order to monitor the status of your requests
PUT /bots/v3/control
Pass conversation control to a Care agent.
PUT /bots/v3/priority
Change conversation priority.
PUT /bots/v3/tag
Tag a document.
PUT /bots/v3/note
Add an internal note.
PUT /bots/v3/workqueue
Alter a conversation workqueue.
PUT /bots/v3/resolve
Resolve a conversation.
PUT /bots/v3/authors/attributes
Update author CRM attributes.

Bot operating mode

PUT /bots/v3/registrations/network/networkKey/externalId/externalId/appId/appId/mode/mode
Set the operating mode of the bot: LIVE, MONITORING, or MAINTENANCE.

Bot health

GET /bots/v3/health/appId/appId
Return the current health state of the bot

Refresh and invalidate the JWT token

PUT /tokens/appId/appId
Refresh the JWT used to authenticate calls to the Bot v3 API
DELETE /tokens/appId/appId
Invalidate the JWT used to authenticate cals to the Bot v3 API