Author object

Learn about the Author object used by the Bot v3 API and the Automation Framework

The Author object defines the remote author associated with a message. You'll include an author object in any JSON payload sent with a request to:

The Author object optionally includes a properties object containing a list of key/value pairs. This properties object is specific to the Khoros Messaging channel. The key/value pairs represent custom metadata set on the Messaging author via the Messaging SDKs.

Examples of metadata include things like the page being viewed, the content of a search box, author phone number, anything that the mobile app chooses to capture about the author. Passing this metadata from the mobile app gives the bot additional context that you can use to help the bot make decisions when responding to a message.

If custom properties are not set on the author by Khoros Messaging, the properties object is not included in the Author object.

  "fullName":"Anonymous Alligator",
idThe author ID set by the source channel
fullNameThe full name of the author
propertiesAn object consisting of key-values supplied by custom key-values provided by the mobile app or Khoros Messaging through the Brand Messenger SDKs. These properties may also be supplied during the init call to the web messenger.