Get conversation details by document source ID

Get conversation details by display ID


Pass one or more document source IDs to retrieve basic state information about the specified conversations. Details include:

  • The agent assigned to it
  • Links to the documents that included in the conversation
  • Tags
  • Notes
  • Page-scoped IDs (Facebook)

Document Source IDs are reference IDs provided by the source channel for the document. One example of this would be Facebook's ID for a particular post.



Due to Terms of Service agreements obligations, responses differ among source network types. Payloads for Twitter conversations include the message URL and external message ID but not message contents. Payloads for Facebook conversations will contain the message contents but will not contain the external Facebook ID. Below we provide the response for both a Twitter conversation and a Facebook conversation.

Custom dispositions for closed cases (conversations) are displayed in the customDisposition field.

You may pass up to 20 display IDs in one call.

Any conversation IDs that cannot be processed (for example, IDs not recognized by the system) are listed in the _meta field in the response. In addition, you will see a status message reading: "Some conversations could not be processed.”

See example conversation details: