List author records changed today

Get a list of author records that have changed in a 24-hour period


Returns a list of author records that have changed in a 24-hour period. Optionally specify a a shorter time period with startEpochMillis and endEpochMillis. The maximum range allowed is 24 hours. If the duration specified is more than 24 hours, only 24 hours worth of changed data is returned. If you omit either startEpochMillis or endEpochMillis, the API sets the range so that the call retrieves 24 hours worth of data. Remember that it is possible for author records returned to belong to the same Person.



For best results, use this call for data created after June 30, 2014.

Only changes made in the UI or changes made as part of a new author flow by the system are returned in the response. Changes included in the response are:

  • New Author records created by the system as part of new cases
  • Author records that had a case that changed or a document added
  • Author records split or joined by an agent in the UI
  • Author attributes changed by an agent
  • Notes added to the Author record

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