Conversation API v2

Retrieve conversation IDs and details including the conversation's work queue ID, disposition, and messages

Use the Conversation resource to retrieve conversation IDs and details including
the conversation's work queue ID, disposition (the reason the conversation was closed),
and messages in the conversation.

Retrieving conversations requires a filter, such as an author or conversation ID. A typical flow uses the Author API to get all author records with changes and then obtain the conversations for each author. Once you have conversation IDs for a given author from the Author API, use the Conversation API to obtain the details of conversations by ID.

Message details returned in the payload vary depending on the source network from which the message originated, and whether or not the message was a response generated in Khoros Care.

For messages that are responses originating in Care by agents, the payload includes the ID for the message or document being replied to, the agent who initiated the response, and the body of the post regardless of the source network type used for the conversation.

For messages that are not responses to a customer-initiated conversation, the payload for message details varies by source network type:

  • For Facebook, the payload does not include the source ID of the message
  • For Twitter, the payload does not include the body of the tweet
  • Other source network types do not have restricted responses


All Conversation API endpoints require HTTP Basic Authentication. Create a dedicated API user account and contact Support as described in the HTTP authentication.