Hand conversation to Care agent

Hand a conversation initiated with a bot over to a Care agent.


Hands a conversation initiated with a bot over to a Care agent. A successful response includes a conversation ID, the author ID, and external ID sent for tracking purposes. The call also applies the "Bot Handoff" tag to the conversation.

When the agent closes the conversation, Khoros initiates a callback to the bot (using the URL specified by the callbackUrl query parameter provided during bot registration) to update the bot that the conversation is resolved. See API callbacks to bots for more details about the callback.



When using Facebook Handover Protocol, you will not use Khoros's Bot API to make the handoff. See Bot API workflow with Facebook Handover Protocol and API callbacks to bots for details.

If the bot attempts to make this hand-off soon after the user begins interacting with the bot (for example, the customer selects a “Chat With a Rep” option right away), Khoros will return a “404 error, not found.” error. This is because Khoros has not processed the message from the customer yet and has not yet created a conversation -- meaning that there is nothing to hand off. Khoros is currently investigating a mechanism to allow the hand-off call to succeed even if the conversation hasn’t been created yet in Khoros. In the meantime, the bot should implement a retry strategy. For example: Every 10 seconds until the call succeeds or after 60 seconds has elapsed, at which point the bot should prompt the user to say something. In a normal bot/user workflow, this situation doesn't occur; but if, for example, the bot doesn’t respond to the customer immediately – and then the bot hands off to an agent after 2 minutes - it is possible that an agent has already closed the open conversation.