Analytics Reports API reference overview

An overview of the Analytics Reports API

The Analytics Reports API enables developers to generate and download analytics data
exports. The APIs support the exports listed below. By default, the API returns export data in the JSON. If you're new to the API, we recommend reading Analytics Reports API quickstart and About Care Analytics Reports .

Authentication and API URLs

All endpoints require HTTP Basic Authentication. Create a dedicated Analytics API user account and contact Support as described in HTTP authentication to request API access.

To call the Analytics Reports endpoints, use the Analytics API URL displayed in the Analytics API Settings section of your app to call the endpoints. Pass the Analytics API Company Key with each call. Find the company key in Account Admin > General Settings > Analytics API Settings. If you do not see the key, contact your Khoros Care administrator. You might not have the appropriate permissions.

The Analytics API URL differs depending on where your data is hosted:

  • EMEA:
  • US:

If you are unsure where you are hosted, contact Support and ask which data center is used for your instance.



The domains used by the Analytics Reports API changed with the February 2018 release. Be sure that any integrations you have written use the domains listed in this section before we remove support for endpoints using the deprecated domains in June 2018.



In the example calls in the Analytics API reference, [USERNAME]:[PASSWORD] refers to the
credentials used to log in to Khoros Care. The user name is an email address and is case-sensitive.

Report Availability

Report download URLs generated by the Analytics Reports API are valid for 24 hours from the time they are generated. This limit preserves data security and ensures that the data downloaded is based on updated, accurate information.