About Author API PUT actions

Important information about PUT actions with the Author API

Use PUT to create associations, join author records, and update custom CRM author attributes. When you pass an author ID (networkid) that exists in Khoros Care in the URL, other Author records included in the handles list in the JSON will be created and joined.

See Batch author updates for the data included in your JSON depending on different update scenarios.

Once an association between authors has been created, you cannot break the association with the API. In addition, custom CRM author attributes cannot be deleted with the API. Breaking associations between authors and removing CRM author attributes from an Author Profile are done in the user interface.

Updates (PUT calls) to manipulate Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, author attributes are not supported. For example, you cannot update the follower count of a Twitter author. These types of attributes are considered protected by the source networks, and this restriction ensures the integrity of the data maintained by the social integration.



The ID passed in the URL must exist in Care or the call will fail. The ID passed in the JSON will be created if it does not exist.