Create GDPR request

Create a GDPR request

Pass the authorUUID (this is the same as the lswUuid returned from other SMM APIs) in the body of the request. Content-type must be application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Optionally include the includeResponses parameter in the body of the request set to true to delete brand responses within the conversations with the user specified by authorUUID.

After the request is processed:

  • The author’s name is redacted
  • The author profile is removed
  • Conversation internal notes are deleted
  • Author's information is redacted on the Analytics page
  • Author's information in reports is removed
  • All content created by the author is deleted



A GDPR request can be queued for up to an hour before being processed.

Get the authorUUID of a user

The following Author APIs return an lswUUID (the UUID you will pass aw the authorUUID).