About conversation IDs

Learn about conversation IDs retrieved with the Author API

The Author API /conversation endpoints:

  • /authors/lswUuid/conversations
  • /authors/networks/networktype/ids/networkid/conversations
  • /authors/networks/networktype/instances/networkinstance/ids/networkid/conversations
  • /authors/networks/networktype/handles/networkhandle/conversations
  • /authors/networks/networktype/instances/networkinstance/handles/networkhandle/conversations

return the IDs for conversations associated with a specified author during a specified time range up to 24 hours. The APIs return new conversations created and conversations with the following modifications:

  • An agent claimed a conversation
  • A conversation was assigned to an agent by supervisor
  • A conversation was unclaimed by agent or unassigned by supervisor
  • A conversation was closed
  • A conversation was re-opened
  • An agent or supervisor responded to a conversation
  • A disposition change
  • A work queue change
  • A note was added
  • A priority change
  • A post was deleted or split into a new conversation
  • A post was merged into a conversation
  • A post was updated
  • An agent confirmed that a post belongs to a conversation
  • A snooze was set, unset, or expired
  • A conversation needs attention
  • Conversations were merged
  • Tags were attached/detached/replaced
  • A response draft was changed/deleted
  • A response was accepted/deleted/failed
  • A response submitted/canceled
  • Reviewer claimed/unclaimed