Remove personal data from Khoros Care

Khoros Care supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. See GDPR for Khoros Care FAQs for details

The Care GDPR API includes endpoints to:

  • Create a GDPR request to remove personal identifying information (PII) and social media messages
  • Retrieve the status of a request

The GDPR APIs are designed to execute the deletion request. To retrieve PII data for the user, use the Author API, Analytics Reports API, or the Analytics Reports UI. The Author APIs retrieve all details about a user. Using the Analytics Reports API or UI, you can download the Raw Author report in JSON or CSV format.


All GDPR API endpoints require HTTP Basic authentication.

Required roles

The api_restricted role is required to call the GDPR endpoints. File a Support ticket to have the role applied to a user account. We recommend you create a separate, dedicated API user account with this api_restricted role applied and limit access to this account. We recommend making this API user account separate from other API user accounts, such as the API user account with Analytics API Access described in HTTP authentication.