Bot registration

All bots must register with Khoros Care before they can use any of the Bot APIs. Each bot is identified uniquely using a combination of the bot's unique ID in Care and the external source network entity ID (such as Twitter handle or Facebook page).

Registration is a one-time operation. For every source network entity (e.g. a Twitter handle or a Facebook page), there is a unique bot listening. Each entity has an external ID, and each of the unique bots must register with Care. There can be only one bot registration per source network entity (defined by the externalId parameter in Bot API endpoints). Once the registration is completed, you do not need to register the bot with Care again.

During registration, the bot must provide the information required for Care to make callbacks to the bot, including:

  • IDs to identify the bot
  • A callback URL to communicate with the bot
  • Authentication credentials used to invoke the callback

For more details, see POST /api/v2/bots/networks/networkType/registrations or PUT /api/v2/bots/networks/networkType/registrations. Note that POST actions create a new registration only, while PUT actions can both create and update Bot registrations.