Get job status

Retrieve the status of a job . This endpoint will be deprecated and removed in April 2020.



Deprecation Notice

This endpoint will be deprecated in April 2020. Retrieve the status of an export job using the method described in Recommendations for running and queuing exports.

Retrieves the status of a job.

Use this call to get a list of jobs run in the last 24 hours. The length of time for processing a job depends on the time range specified by startTime and endTime when you submit the export job, as well as the amount of data.

Care Analytics stores data 18 months back in time; however, three months is the maximum time range of data possible to return in an export.

To identify a specific job in the response look at the unique workflowId and a runId for each export included in the response. The IDs are returned in the response from POST /api/public/reports/report/<report_type>.

The response lists all the jobs started in the last 24 hours. The runnerState indicates the status. Values are RUNNING and CLOSED. Jobs started more than 24 hours ago do not appear in the list.

Finished jobs (where runnerState is CLOSED) include the downloadUrl field. This field contains a pre-built URL used to download the export.