Bot API v2

Build Facebook and Twitter bot integrations

Networks such as Twitter and Facebook support APIs and mechanisms that allow the implementation of bots and other automation experiences, typically via private messages to a Brand. The Bot API enables Khoros Care to integrate with bots, allowing bots to operate independently, as well as hand off a conversation to an agent when needed.

The Bot API supports Facebook and Twitter bot integrations.



The Bot API requires a different, more-limited Bot API user account distinct from the API user account used with the other Care APIs. This is to limit API access to the bot so that the bot can perform only actions required for the integration. See Authentication for details.


The Bot API requires a minimum of two work queues: one for bot-only conversations and another for conversations handed off from a bot to an agent.

Also, we strongly recommend creating a specific user account with Bot API access that is separate from other API user accounts.


With the Bot API, authentication is done with Basic Auth using credentials of a Response user with a special-purpose Bot API access. This access is limited to the specific set of APIs used by bots. We make this separation so that third-party bot developers cannot call other APIs that provide access to Response.

While you can use the same user account that has Analytics API access, we strongly recommend you create a separate user specifically for Bot API access. See HTTP authentication for more information