Properties object

Learn about the Properties object used with the Automation Framework and Bot v3 API

The properties object is used in the PUT /bots/v3/authors endpoint to update metadata information that appears in the author profile in Care. This information provides contextual data to the agent, as well as additional organizational metadata you can use to serve end users better.

This metadata includes standard contextual information such as an author's gender and location, but it can also contain data useful for troubleshooting and data organization.

Each field in the object has a string value type.

  "properties": {
    "Gender": "Male",
    "Location": "us-north-1",
    "City": "Chicago",
    "Language": "en-UK",
    "Country": "USA",
    "State": "Il",
    "Page URL": "",
    "IP Address": "",
    "Page Title": "Example Page",
    "ruleId": "rule1",
    "widgetId": "widget1",
    "webUiKey": "webkey1",
    "User-Agent": "AgentExample",
    "Platform": "Web"



The values for each of these fields are examples only, and can be formatted or utilized in a way that fits your company's needs. The properties object is primarily used to provide contextual information to the agent or support staff about the author.

GenderThe gender by which the author identifies.
LocationA location value for the author. For example, this could be the server or service region the author is associated with.
CityThe author's city.
LanguageThe author's preferred language.
CountryThe author's country.
StateThe author's state.
Page URLThe page url from which the author originates.
IP AddressThe IP address of the author.
Page TitleThe page title the author is contacting you from, or concerning.
ruleIdThe ID for the rule that triggered the widget to appear.
widgetIdThe unique identifier of the widget the author is using.
webUiKeyThe unique web key.
User-AgentThe user-agent identifier.
PlatformThe platform from which the author is operating.