Pass conversation control

Pass conversation control

Pass Conversation Control to Agent from Bot
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You can pass conversation control from the bot to a Care agent using a PUT call to the/control endpoint. The request takes a control JSON payload as Body.

When processing a message from an external user, the Automation Framework automatically transfers control from BOT to AGENT if the current conversation control is undetermined or the conversation is owned by a BOT, but the currently registered bot is not in LIVE mode. See Bot handoffs and Bot Handoff tags to learn about handoff tags applied to messages upon handoff from Bot to Agent and Agent to Bot.

    "fullName":"Anonymous Alligator"
    "companyKey":"[COMPANY KEY]",
  "comment":"<custom text>",

Control Payload Fields




The payload type. Always control.


A Coordinate object. This is object contains details about the bot and the message in context. It is used by Khoros Care.


An Author object representing the message author on the source channel.


The new owner (controller) of the conversation.

  • type - AGENT or BOT
  • appId - Used only when passing control to a bot. This is the app ID of the bot as specified in the bot registration.
commentOptional. Custom text that will be displayed in the response UI along with the handoff message.
conversationDisplayIdOptional. Set when control is transferred from a Khoros Care agent back to a bot.
lastUpdateTSOptional. The timestamp in epoch milliseconds when control is passed.

Related endpoints

Return which entity (agent or bot) has current control of the conversation associated with the specified author on the specified network.