Rich Content object

Learn about the Rich Content object used by the Automation Framework and Bot v3 API

Rich content refers to some external document or media file that supporting networks can display in special ways. For example, images and videos can be displayed inline, or links to articles can be supplied along with an image to display inline.

When sending a richContent object in the /bots/v3/respond JSON payload, we recommend also including the text field as a fallback in case the rich content isn't supported.

  "mediaType": "IMAGE",
  "url": "",
  "title": "some title",
  "mediaUrl": "",
  "mimeType": "image/jpeg"
mediaTypeRequired. A type like IMAGE or VIDEO.
urlRequired. A URL of a resource to which the end user will be redirected if they click the rich content/link.
titleRequired. A title for the content at url.
mediaUrlRequired. A URL of a media resource like an image or video. Handling may be network-specific.
mimeTypeRequired. The MIME type of the resource at mediaUrl.