Set Agent State by Email

Change the State (stateUUID) of an Agent identified by Email (userEmail)

Set Agent State by Email
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This is one of three endpoints in the Agent State API that enables the external changing of agent states. Email (userEmail) identifies the Agent.

You can find a list of defined agent states for the instance using the Retrieve Defined Agent States endpoint. The id for the desired state returned on that call acts as the stateUUID query param for this call.

A success response points out that the request has been received and processed by the server.

If the agent was already in the target state prior to the call, the server responds with a 200 success, despite processing no change.

In the event that the target isn't in an active session, the server will return a 500 response.

If the call tries to apply a state that the target agent doesn't have access to, the server will issue a 400 response. The response's payload indicates the reason for the failure.

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