Coordinate object

Learn about the Coordinate object used with the Automation Framework and Bot v3 API

Most payloads delivered to and from the Automation Framework require a coordinate object.

If you want your bot to respond to a webhook event, simply use the coordinate from that event object. Do not alter the coordinate you receive. When calling an endpoint asynchronously, either use a coordinate you have stored or construct it manually.

companyKeyYour company key as defined in Response
networkKeyThe source channel as defined during bot registration with Khoros
externalIdThe external ID of the source channel integrated with Khoros
botIdThe internal ID of the bot as registered with Khoros. This is equivalent to the bot registration appId field.
normalizedAuthorIdAn identifier for the author of the reply or comment within the source channel.
messageIdThe ID of the message generated by the external network
scopeThe scope represents whether the content described by this coordinate is private or public. Possible values are PRIVATE or PUBLIC. Required.
parentIdThe ID of the parent message being replied to or commented on. This is used with networks that display messages in a hierarchical format. For most messages, the Coordinate object will not have parentId set.
topLevelIdThe ID of the top-level message in the hierarchy of the message described by the coordinate. Used with networks that display messages in a hierarchical format.