Listening API v2

Bring content into Care from source platforms not supported with out-of-the-box integration

Use the Listening API to bring content into Khoros Care from source platforms outside of the out-of-the-box integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Khoros, and Instagram). Using the Listening API and data models, you can build adapters that send JSON payloads to Care and create conversations comprised of the messages from that source channel.

Creating a custom listening adapter requires a social integration configured by Support. When Support creates social integration, you will receive an integration UUID required to use the Listening APIs.

Support requires the following in order to create your social integration

  • Display Name - The display name for the integration that displays in the Care UI
  • Instance ID - A unique URL associated with the integration to be used as an identifier for the integration. The URL does not need to be reachable, but it must be unique.
  • Image URL - A URL to the icon image displayed on all messages coming in from the integration. The URL must be valid and refer to a PNG file.


All Listening API endpoints require HTTP Basic Authentication. Create a dedicated API user account and file a Support ticket as described in HTTP authentication.