Run care analytics report

Run a Care Analytics report


Runs a Care Analytics report where report_type is one of the following:

  • author (Raw Author Export)
  • combined (Raw Combined Export)
  • conversation (Raw Conversations)
  • conversation_actions (Conversation Actions Export) - Added July 2019
  • incoming_post (Raw Incoming Post Export)
  • raw_agent_states (Agent State Export) - Added December 2018
  • raw_expert_help (Raw Help Request Export) - Added March 2017
  • response (Raw Response Export)
  • response_approval (Raw Response Approval)
  • team_performance (Raw Team Performance)
  • team_performance_interval (Team Performance Interval)



You may also generate a Conversation Actions Export report. See POST /reports/report/conversation_actions and GET /reports/report/conversation_actions.

All arguments are case-sensitive.

Note the workflowId and the runId in the response. These are unique IDs specific to this report job. You will use these IDs to check the status of a job and to download the report output.

See Using timezone with timezoneOffset when making a request with these parameters.