Using timezone with timezoneOffset

Learn how the timezone and timezoneOffset parameters interact

For endpoints that support time-based filters, it is important to understand how the timezone and timezoneOffset parameters interact.

  • If you omit both parameters, the system defaults to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  • If you provide only timezoneOffset, that offset is used to format dates. With only timezoneOffset, the Care Analytics is not aware of Daylight Saving Time (DST). In this case, an export that spans a switch to or from DST will have dates/times formatted using the offset provided. See How Care Analytics handles time zones, date formats, and exports for more information.
  • When you provide timezone, the time zone provided is used to format dates. This allows Care Analytics to be time-zone aware and to format dates using the time zone offset in effect on that date.
  • When you provide both timezone and timezoneOffset, the value for timezoneOffset is ignored unless you pass in an invalid time zone. In this case, Care Analytics uses the time zone offset provided.
  • The timezone value must be URL encoded to be valid for each export. For example: &timezone=Europe%2FLondon