Bot operating modes

Learn about the LIVE and MAINTENANCE operating modes

The mode flag in the bot Registration payload indicates the operating mode of the bot.

Operating states are:

  • LIVE: The normal operating mode. All events are forwarded to the Bot Server via webhooks, and the bot can take any supported action. Only one LIVE bot can be supported on a specific network/externalId at one time.
  • MAINTENANCE: No events are sent via webhooks. Any customer messages that arrive while in this mode are explicitly handed off to an AGENT, so that when the bot returns from MAINTENANCE mode, the bot will not start answering conversations already in progress.
  • MONITORING: No responses generated. A Monitoring Bot allows multiple individual bots to monitor and provide contextual updates to the conversation without interacting directly with the end-user. For more information about monitoring bots, see our Monitoring Bots guide.

When processing a message from an external user, the Automation Framework automatically transfers control from BOT to AGENT when the current conversation control is undetermined or is owned by a bot AND the currently registered bot is not in LIVE mode

Set the operating mode

You can set this mode when you register a bot or update the bot registrations.

We strongly recommend registering your bot in production with the bot registration mode flag set to MAINTENANCE as early as possible in your production environment. See Bot operating modes for more information and best practices.

Find the current operating mode

Find a bot's operating mode with GET /bots/v3/registrations/network/{networkKey}/externalId/{externalId} and GET /bots/v3/registrations/network/{networkKey}/externalId/{externalId}/appId/{appId}.

Change the current operating mode

Change a bot's operating mode with PUT /bots/v3/registrations/network/{networkKey}/externalId/{externalId}/appId/{appId}/mode/{mode}.