Learn about the format of Media messages (images, files, and other media) sent with the Flow REST API.

The endpoint of the text message and the media message is the same. The body parameters for the media message are as follows:

POST rest/v1/messages/EXAMPLE-853a-448f-9f91-ef397588ff87 HTTP/1.1
Host: api.flow.ai
  "payload": {
    "type": "media",
    "mediaType": "image",
    "mimetype": "image/png",
    "title": "Example title",
    "url": "https://DOMAIN.com/random/880x400",
    "originator": {
      "name": "John Doe",
      "role": "external"

Media message parameters

traceIdOptional unique number that is passed along to identify the message. Use this to verify message delivery.integer
typeIndicates the type of message. Should be mediastring
mediaTypeType of media, image, file, audio, or videostring
urlURL of media attachmentstring
titleOptional title of locationstring
mimeTypeOptionally specify the mime-type of the uploaded file, supported media formats are channel specificstring
langOptional language code in ISO format (2 letters)string
timezoneOptional UTF timezone offset in hoursinteger
paramsOptional parametersobject