Generate a thread ID for various REST API usages.

threadId represents a user in the REST API integration backend. With the thread ID, you can know the context of the user.

With the threadId, you can:

  • Send and receive messages
  • Pause and resume actions
  • Conversation control
  • Trigger events

In case you're using REST API as a messaging channel you can use this endpoint to generate a valid Khoros Flow threadId.

This endpoint is optional and you can still pass your own values as a threadId to the Khoros Flow REST API endpoints.

The generated threadId is in the following format:



  • unique_identifier - It is an ID that identifies a user in your system
  • |_w - Static required part
  • channelId - This always starts with the letter C. It is the ID of your REST API integration in Khoros Flow that can be found in the last part of an URL. You can also find the channelID when you open Integrations tab in the Khoros Flow UI and select your REST API integration.