Return entities after a specific time

Returns only items created after given time. Only use the seconds portion of unix time (JavaScript will give the number in milliseconds. Divide by 1000). (e.g. 1380666060)


Best Practices

  • Automatic polling for newer stream entities should not be done when making a time range query. Since entities are in the past, no newer entities will be returned. Use from_id and start_id to move up and down through the resultset.
  • Retweets should be rejected in streams that use time range queries. Retweets are created after the original Tweet is created, so it can look odd to see a Tweet original created outside of the time range.
  • By default, a given stream will retain the 20,000 most recently approved entities for retrieval. This means that some timeframe queries may eventually stop returning content if a stream continues receiving new content as time passes. If your implementation requires that timerange queries to reliably return content for long periods of time, you can turn off the stream to prevent new content from flowing in.
  • Range is queried over a entity creation timestamps, not when the entities were approved in the stream.
  • Similarly, when a timerange is used, default sorting is changed from when an entity was appproved to when an entity was created.