Get entity information

Provides information about and derived from the entities in a stream


All streams have, by default, a set of meta-information captured about them as they live. Most notably, this information includes:

  • counts: total number of entities in a stream, split by their moderation state (pending, approved, rejected) • activity: arrays of per-minute, per-hour, and per-day counts

This basic/standard meta-information is commonly used to render such visualizations as counters, progress meters, and social poll results. Additionally, there are advanced features that may be enabled on a stream-by-stream basis by Spredfast administrators. These features include:

  • top retweeted tweets: (Twitter only) the tweets in a stream that have been retweeted the most (minimum 3 retweets) • top hashtags: the hashtags that have been used the most over the last hour • top links: the URLs that have been referenced the most over the last 18 hours • top contributors: (Twitter only) the Twitter users whose tweets have been retweeted or replied to the most within the stream • top topics: a tally of the number of times that specific keyword sets have been mentioned in the stream

This advanced stream meta information is commonly used to render various leaderboard visualizations.