API Specification Introduction

Learn about how to implement an API specification.

Implementing an API Specification enables a unique service to be treated as a first class system within Khoros Marketing. For instance, a server implemented to the CRM API Specification grants your Agents all the features of Salesforce within Agent Inbox. A server implemented to the Content Sources API Specification grants Marketing teams to leverage the in-house Digital Asset Management or file-sharing technologies inside the Khoros Marketing Publishing dialogue.

By registering your middleware with Khoros Marketing, your team can extend integration capabilities beyond the technologies Khoros has productized.


What Do You Mean By Middleware?

If Khoros’ servers and your vendor’s servers don’t talk to each other directly, you will need to build a bridge server that offers a translation, allowing for Spredfast and your vendor to speak a common language and send data back and forth.

Khoros has a team that can assist you in Technical Consulting or to build the integration for a fee for you as well. Feel free to reach out to your account team to learn more.