Enable Customer Actions

Learn how to enable customer actions in Modern Chat

Customer Actions is a client-accessible menu with additional functionality end-users can take advantage of through the widget.

This includes the ability to print a transcript of the current conversation and mute notifications from the widget itself.


The menu itself is accessible from the front end through an ellipses (...) icon located next to the close button.

Activating the Feature

To activate the feature, navigate to Admin > Modern Chat and select the widget to which you would like to add the Customer Actions menu.


From there, select the cogwheel (settings) icon to open up the widget's global settings.


Next, scroll down to the Customer Actions section and toggle the action(s) you want to enable.

Finally, select Save at the bottom of the page and Publish on the top of the widget's rules page. This will lock in your changes and the new menu should appear whenever the widget loads.